How E-Cigarettes Affect Your Body?

One of the leading causes of death is cigarette smoking. Although smoking cigarette has declined, some alternatives have emerged, and among them is E-cigarette. What most people ignore while taking this is that it has several health effects. Now if you don’t believe that E-cigarette has a lot of negative effects on your body, then you can read this article and find out about this. 
E-cigarettes are battery imparted devices, and some of these devices don’t burn tobacco, they also have cartridges that are filled with nicotine as well as other chemicals. 
Even though they don’t contain tobacco, the fact is that they have a considerable nicotine concentration. And nicotine can cause a lot of heart-related problems and high blood pressure.
They irritate eyes, apart from that, they also irritate the nose and throat.
It leads to addiction; they are responsible for triggering the brain to release dopamine, which leads to addiction. It doesn’t matter the age one is, regular intake of this can lead to dependence. 
Just like any other drug, consuming too much of it can be very toxic. If you swallow concentrated nicotine while it is in liquid form, you will be put under high risk of overdosing. 
It is very dangerous for teens because it may damage the brain development of teens, which is not a good thing. And the damage may also be long term. 
They can also cause cancer. They contain high concentrations of formaldehyde, which are cancer-causing carcinogens. 
They are also powerful with small lithium-ion batteries like, and these batteries are usually put in high temperatures hence when they are overcharged or mishandled, they can explode on the users face and hands and cause severe injuries – read article on my first vape mod.
While many people take it as a recreational drug, they should know that they are injecting poison in their bodies.

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